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Frequently Asked Questions

Because We Give a FAQ.

Why do I need this class?

Here's the thing: Either your sex life is growing, or it's dying. Unless you are putting in the dedicated time and effort to continue evolving your romantic connection, your intimacy is dying. Even the most experienced guys get some key things wrong without realizing it. We are here to patch those gaps and teach you about your woman's pleasure centers, so you can become the brilliant lover you were born to be.

What skills and techniques will I learn?

How will this class help me improve my performance and satisfaction in the bedroom?

The better she feels, the more she will crave you. Our class teaches you how to create next-level connection and safety with her body - which are the key secrets to outstanding lovemaking with your woman. No matter how good you are, we can make you even better. And she will feel the difference.

How experienced are your instructors?

We (Angela and Caity; hi, hello!) are both VITA certified Sex, Love, & Relationship Coaches, each with private practices. But more importantly - let's get personal - we are women with vulvas, who have had lots of good sex, and bad. We know what it takes to go from average to extraordinary. And we want to help more extraordinary men make extraordinary love. Because you're worth it, and so are we.

Will this class address both the physical and emotional aspects of intimacy?


What is the time commitment?

Class is 99 minutes. As for implementation... 40 minutes bare minimum, but the more time you can give the better your results will be. We are big fans of multi-hour lovemaking!

Anything I should know beforehand?

Nope! All experience levels are welcome.

Is there a live component?

No, this class was recorded in 2022. Which is great, because you can watch it on your own time with total privacy. But if you have questions after, simply send us an email to

What about LGBTQIA+ relationships?

This class was produced with a heterosexual cis-male audience in mind. That said, the information is useful for anyone with a vulva, or whose partner has one.

What's your refund policy if I'm not satisfied with the class content?

Fear not! We offer a 7-Day Left Nut Guarantee because we want you 100% satisfied. If you don't love this class more than your left nut, reach out to us within 7 days of purchase for a full refund. All we ask is that you let us know where we fell short. Additional terms & conditions apply. Read the full policy here.

You in?

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