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Praise for the Men's Masterclass

The Reviews Are In!

“I really want to have better sex and relationships and that seems less overwhelming now.”


“Even if you know her deeply and even if you (think) you know how things work ‘down there’, this class will make you a more wise, sensitive and capable intimate partner.”

“Angela and Caity impart so much knowledge and wisdom in the PW Master Class… plus, you can use the material  immediately!”


“Reshifting my focus from the grand finale of orgasm to slowly experiencing each aspect of the sexual process has led to mind-blowing, primal sex that I didn’t know was possible.”


“Insights gleaned from the class, especially the anatomy lessons and the discussions around consent, enabled a deeper discovery and understanding of my (very) long-term partner.”

“ amazing tool to help me be more present in my sexuality.”

“It’s allowed me to fully understand that what turns me on is being there for my partners’ pleasure, not just my own, and allowed me to rethink how I connect emotionally during playtime.”

Beach bed couple_edited.jpg

“The way Angela and Caity present and share this information is incredibly thoughtful and unique.”

“I was just so impressed by the way you both kept it light, engaging, candid, and fun. I didn’t feel lectured to, but rather [like I] was having a conversation with a friend.”


“A high energy, informative presentation that every [cis] male should have.”

Ready to learn?

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