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Our Guarantees to You

Because we want you satisfied, baby.


We offer 2 risk-free guarantees on our entire PW class suite!

1. Our 7-Day Left Nut Guarantee = If within 7 days of purchase you would not rather light your left nut on fire than give up the men's class... we will give you a full refund in accordance with the terms below.

2. Our 7-Day Pussy Glow Guarantee = If within 7 days of purchase you tried what we taught in the women's class and did not feel pleasure so magnificent that your body felt like warm, tingly, giggly sunshine... we will give you a full refund in accordance with the terms below.

The terms:

  • Step A: Complete the class in full by watching all 6 of the core (non-bonus) videos to completion.

  • Step B: If you have a vulva, try the PW process on yourself. Practice makes pleasure!

  • Step C: If you are still not loving it, email within 7 calendar days of your purchase to submit a refund request. Include in your email (in blushing detail) what you expected from this class, and where we fell short of your expectations. (This helps us do better!)

  • Step D: Once we stop crying, we will do our best to get back to you within 1-2 business days. (Occasionally we travel, so it may take longer if Caity still hasn't figured out how to do this on her phone.)

  • Step E: We will reply to your email and may ask you a follow-up question or two, to clarify your feelings. 

  • Step F: Then we will initiate your refund ASAP and let you know about it. 

That's it! Any bonus content you downloaded is yours to keep (for your private use only) as our thank you for trying us out. 

Sounds fair... but what if I forget and am grumpy on day #8?

Lucky for you, Caity loves bonuses! Go ahead and email and tell us what fell short of your expectations, and/or what would add more value for you. There's a good chance we will get to work making a bonus to solve your issue at no additional cost to you. (Therapy not included.)

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