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7-Day Left Nut Guarantee

Because We Want You Satisfied, Baby.

What is it?

We offer a 7-Day Left Nut Guarantee to make your purchase as risk-free as possible. If after 7 days you wouldn't rather light your left nut on fire than give up this class, we'll give you a full refund in accordance with the terms below.

Cool! What are the terms?

First, you must complete the class in full. Watch all 6 of the core (non-bonus) videos to completion.


Then, email within 7 calendar days of your purchase to submit a refund request. You will be provided a link to a survey with questions about your experience with our class. For your refund to be approved, you must answer every question fully and in detail. The more you tell us, the better. This information helps us continue adding value to the class for current and future students.


Once your survey answers are submitted, please allow 2 business days  for us to review your responses and ask any follow-up questions we have about your experience.  We will initiate your refund ASAP thereafter.

That's it! Any bonus content that you downloaded is yours to keep (for your private use only) as our thank you for trying us out. 

Sounds fair. What if I don't ask for my refund in time?

Lucky for you, Caity loves making bonuses. Go ahead and email anyway and tell us what the class was missing, what fell short of your expectations, or what would add more value for you. There's a good chance we will get to work making a bonus to solve exactly your issue, at no additional cost to you. 

Take the plunge.

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