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Deepen Your Connection
with Classes for Her Pleasure

We make intimacy refreshingly simple.

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Our classes are for:​

  • Women with vulvas

  • If your partner has a vulva

  • Couples excited to expand their pleasure together

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Check out the results from our students!

“I am about 1/2 way through the PW course... And well, holy shit, my partner didn't even know how to articulate the sensations she was experiencing, and the crazy amount and variety of orgasms she had. So much fun... We are very successful sexual partners anyway, but this just took it to a whole new level.”

We sold tickets to the original version of this class for $380 each. 

Grab the remastered recordings for a fraction of that cost.

And watch anywhere, anytime, from the privacy of your home.

For Couples

(Best Value!)

Buy both classes together for a special discount!

Great for both long-term couples & new couples!

3.5 hours of class videos

Just $157

For Women

& people with vulvas

  • Build a new relationship to your pleasure

  • Better understand yourself physically & emotionally

  • Connect deeper with your intimate anatomy


2 hours of class videos

Just $137

For Men

& people without vulvas

  • Help create new O's for your partner

  • Better understand her experiences

  • Go deeper into her pleasure

  • Mind-blowing intimacy


1.5 hours of class videos

Just $137

More Pleasure... Guaranteed!
Or Your Money Back

From our mouths, to her lips.

We put your money where her pleasure is.


 The 7-Day Left Nut Guarantee &

the 7-Day Pussy Glow Guarantee.

So you can feel good about investing in pleasure.

(For less than the cost of a dressy date!)

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Hi, we're Caity & Angela!

We are both certified sex coaches who want to make it easier for women to have the most AMAZING pleasure - with their partners, and by themselves.

We are all about deeply connected, conscious intimacy...

The hot-and-wholesome kind where you can feel your orgasms in your soul.

Join us for unique classes you (& your partner) won't forget!

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